Bat Mitzva Next - Mad about Israel

Bat Mitzva Next - Mad about Israel

Mothers with  Meaning,

A powerful Israeli mothers’ community run in partnership with Aish Israel, is excited to introduce an outstanding and attractive project that allows mothers and post Bat Mitzvah daughters to engage in an authentic and bonding journey – Bat Mitzvah NEXT.

This incredible Bat Mitzvah NEXT trip in Israel is carefully designed to create an unforgettable bonding experience between Mothers and Daughters while connecting them to Israel and Judaism. The goal is to provide an experience that is deeply meaningful and significant enough that it will keep the next generation of young women connected to their Jewish roots throughout their teenage years, in high school and college. 

For eight days, the participants will visit the most exciting and important places in Israel while spending quality time with Israeli mothers and daughters from the Mothers With Meaning community, transforming Israel into a second “home” for them. They will receive high standards of hospitality at beautiful hotels with delicious Israeli cuisine.

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